March 23, 2009

Innovation in Virtual Worlds: conferences

One of the industries where innovation is a constant fact of life is virtual worlds/serious gaming. International communities meet in those places to exchange ideas which lead to new business practices.

I highly recommend two events which take place today and tomorrow in Second Life:

- The presentation of a television company which produces coverage in virtual worlds. They are very professional, and enable event organizers to broadcast events in virtual worlds inside those worlds but also on normal websites, allowing them to archive the events and to attract larger audiences. Here is the announcement:

March 23, Monday, Noon to 1 Pacific, SLT, 8 pm CET Wiz Nordberg, CEO of and Treet.TV, has big plans: “I would rather have 1000 programs with 100,000 viewers each than ten programs with ten million viewers.” Join host Robert Bloomfield on Metanomics for a wide-ranging exploration of the past and future of virtual world broadcasting. Kevin Alderman kicks off the show with an inside view of what Linden Lab’s new policies on adult content mean for Second Life’s thriving adult entertainment industry. JOIN US IN SECOND LIFE AT ONE OF OUR EVENT PARTNER LOCATIONS: Event Partner Descriptions or Teleport Now to our Event Partner Landing. WATCH ON THE WEB! You dont have to be in Second Life to Watch! Go to to see the live video and be sure to log in to engage in the chat via ChatBridge technology.

- The other event takes place today and tomorrow and is about virtual worlds and serious gaming. I know that for many people "gaming" is "not serious", usually those same people consider it inappropriate to link "fun" and "work". Fortunately more and more companies and institutions (business, non-profit, education and defense) are aware of the huge potential of gaming and virtual worlds in very serious contexts. The announcement:

Participate today and tomorrow on-line in the Serious Games Institute's Virtual Auditorium in Second Life by logging on at: Hosted by the Serious Games Institute in the UK. The event brings together researchers from a range of disciplines to formulate a new cross-disciplinary community in the emerging field of serious games and virtual worlds. Keynote speakers include: Professors Steve Benford (UK), Alan Chalmers (UK) and Adrian Cheok (Japan). The conference is chaired by Dr Sara de Freitas (UK), Professor Edward Castronova (US) and Dr Kurt Squire (US). Sponsored by IEEE, Becta and ALT. The proceedings will be published by IEEE. The best papers will be selected for publication in one of two international Journals: Visual Computer and the British Journal of Educational Technology.


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