March 25, 2009

Educate yourself!

Logo_startyourbusiness Four Belgian companies have joined forces and skills to work toward a common objective: enhancing young entrepreneurship. ING is a bank, Belgacom is a telecommunication company, Electrabel is a utility and Systemat is an IT-services provider.

They announced today the launch of, a internet platform intended for novice entrepreneurs. Strategic, financial, tax, legal or social advices, the site wants to be a tool which really speaks about the needs, expectations and risks of any early stage company.

The marketing interest is obvious and the concept is not new. There are lots of similar sites on the Web and about every day new initiatives are taken to incite young people to start a business.

In Belgium, startups can count on regional or federal support like ABE (Agence Bruxelloise pour l'Entreprise) or industrial sites like

But why do they need that? Is it because nowadays young people are lazy or ignorant? I hope not! Is it really a good idea to provide them with all the solutions even before they asked themselves the good questions? Like, in what will my product or service be useful or entertaining and different from other products and services?

The days of one way education are over. People, and especially young people, also have to do something, be active. Effort is needed to learn. Currently, I have the impression that young people lack bravery and perseverance to achieve their goals because so many things are done for them.

Work is taken out of their hands. It's a weird situation. Just think about their parents or even their grand-parents, how they succeeded in making their dreams come true. And they had no internet, government or miracles to help them. They educated themselves, building themselves - which is what entrepreneurship is all about.

Sarah Godard


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